Safe In His Arms


dark sun

January 26, 2:48 am

Our children were sick this weekend. Needless to say, we have not slept
much the past few days. Tonight, our three-year-old daughter was waking
up regularly. Due to canker sores in her mouth, every time she sucked her thumb for comfort, she started to cry. After rubbing her back for a few minutes, she would go back to sleep, only to wake up shortly thereafter. Besides distressing her, this pattern was waking up the other children,
who desperately needed rest.

A few hours ago, I took her to the living room. “Do you need a daddy love?” She nodded between sobs. I held her close for several minutes before placing couch cushions on the floor for my bed and taking some of her crib bedding to place next to me. She instantly fell into a peaceful sleep, safe in my arms.

The past few weeks have been personally challenging. The details aren’t important, but I’ve had more than one occasion to cry out to Heaven.
About an hour ago, my daughter woke me up, this time with a smile.
I touched her gently and asked, “Are you okay now?” She picked up her blanket and walked back to her room, now sure that safety was only a door away.

As I returned to my makeshift bed on the floor, I knelt to pray for my family.
I also plead for comfort. My Father was very near. Like my daughter, I have renewed confidence that everything will be fine. Sometimes, all we need to continue forward is a moment of rest in the arms of Love.



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