The Weightier Matters will address a wide range of topics of personal interest
to the author, including education, family relations, homelessness, mental illness, and spirituality. Though some posts may cover multiple topics,
the category of discussion is typically indicated directly below the title of each essay.

All views expressed on this blog are my own. My biggest fear in starting this project was that my words would be damaging in some way to a reader.
This certainly is not my intent. On the contrary, I hope that some of my experiences will be uplifting to others. Many of the posts are very personal and often difficult to write. As a professor, librarian, and editor, I know very well that language is slippery, especially online. I will attempt to write
clearly and honestly. In doing so, I will express my views as I know them.
My perspective, like all others, is clouded by a variety of life experiences.
It is also enriched by the same. My sincere desire is to always be constructive. Hopefully, through the writing and reading of this blog, we can learn to
grow together.

Readers are encouraged to share posts, follow the blog, and add their own voices through the comment boxes at the end of each essay. I have also been notified that WordPress will occasionally include ads on my pages. I do not control the content of these ads and hope that they do not detract from the messages of this blog.

Thank you for visiting The Weightier Matters. I look forward to learning together through our ongoing dialogue.



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